Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Adam's Camp 2015 Race Report

This past week we were back to Adam's Camp. I was selfishly a bit worried about my running and how in the hell I was going to handle two kids all week...by myself. The week before I had just begun to feel like I was getting my running legs back and my mileage up when Adam's Camp week hit, which was going to mean a 0 was entirely possible. But it's Adam's Camp and is so good for James so I had to just be willing to go with it. 

As always James was a total rockstar at camp! I was blown away by how his communication exploded even more than it already has been lately. Literally almost anything I said all week he tried to repeat. When he wanted to get picked up, which is most of the time since Robert has come along, after his initial attempt of grunting didn't work he would have verbalize half sign "I want up please". For those counting that is a four word sentence! That is amazing! He also finally started understanding that in order to jump he has to bend his knees and blast off. Thank you for the rocket ship concept! How did I not think of that!

Basically every day at Adam's Camp James had 30 minutes of music therapy, speech, OT and PT. By noon the poor kid was seriously exhausted. We would make the hour drive home, desperately hoping he didn't sleep too long in the car. Then the next several hours were a fight between James, Robert and I to keep Robert quiet long enough to get James down for a nap. I managed to get James down for a nap a couple times, but not nearly enough. 

Camp was another great week and a great way to add in some extra therapy this summer since we're on a kind of therapy break. James seriously did great and came along so far in just 5 short days. We're so lucky to have this resource and can't wait to go back!

Then Friday came along...it was the end of camp week and Dan was heading up north for the Never Summer 100k (race report coming soon). So after a week of basically having the boys on my own I would be really on my own for the weekend. I frantically searched for things to do. Staying home was not an option. I needed something to do that included the stroller since it would contain both boys. Perfect a 5k in Conifer! So we went and raced the local 5k. Robert isn't really strong enough to run with yet, so we were resigned to a fast hike. But I still hiked strong and it was great to get out of the house. 

Well I managed...I got through the week and weekend...we're all alive, I managed a few runs and we all got fed...not anything amazingly nutritious but calories none-the-less! Next week time to really start ramping things up!

Week July 13 - 19

Miles: 56.5
Hours: 10.5 

Week July 20 - 26

Miles: 38.2
Hours: 7

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

And Then There Were Four...

My excuses for not posting much lately include that I've been busy managing this...

and taking care of this...

I will be better about posting...well I'll try...

Robert Patrick joined our family a couple weeks ago and well it has been a whirlwind. Unlike James Robert sprinted into this world in a short 2 hour labor.Thankfully Auntie Kelle raced in just as fast so she could be there to deliver Robert. 

We've been adjusting quiet well to our new new life. James is completely in love with Robert and with being the big brother...maybe too much. There have been a lot of hugs and sloppy kisses being given, boops to eyes and noses, fist bumps...occassionally to the chin, maybe a gracious finger to be sucked on...not sure I even want to know where that finger was prior to its re-purposing as a pacifier. 

So Robert will be a tough kid with an even tougher immune system. It could be worse...James could be the jealous type. But so far he wants to cuddle when I'm feeding Robert, help carry him to the car, cover him in blankets and give him cups of "water" to drink. All in all its been a smooth transition to a family of four and one that has overfilled my heart. I'm so proud of how James has handled the transition and am so excited each day to see the interactions between James and Robert and all the love James has for Robert. 

My doctor told me to listen to my body in terms of getting back to running. The nurse said no walking for 2 weeks. Well lady first of all you see this toddler who has just pulled all the nitrile gloves out of the boxes and onto the floor, is playing peek-a-boo in the curtains, pushing all the buttons on the bed and is pulling the trash cans out of the cupboard? no walking? you must mean because there is no walking in my house...just running and chasing. Well okay I won't walk...I'll just run! So after 4 days off my body was screaming to get out for a run. That's just what I did. A nice easy 4 miler. 

I took it easy the first week and have been building back my mileage by adding 10 miles a week. I'm basically bound to the treadmill and hiking Robert up and down the hill in our neighborhood. I've been feeling good...a nine month taper will do that for your legs though. My endurance is definitely lacking and my climbing has a long ways to go before Run Rabbit, but overall I think I'm in way better shape than I was after James was born. 

Week June 15 - 21

Miles: 13.5
Hours: 3

Week June 22 - 28

Miles: 7.5
Hours: 2

Week June 29 - July 5

Miles: 20.0
Hours: 4

Week July 6 - 12

Miles: 30.5
Hours: 6