Tuesday, December 23, 2014

We Made It!

Well we made it! The shortest day of the year is behind us so from here on out we're heading to longer days! At least somehow in my head that makes me feel better as we also head into winter. Not that my training was much better this week, but getting over the hurdle of days getting shorter always seems to help. 
Snowy Apex

This week I desperately tried to keep my running more consistent. I managed some decent snowy runs at Apex. Those were some tough runs. The snow isn't packed down enough yet so even with screws you just slip and slide every where. It's seriously like running in sand...cold sand. Its frustrating to see your times get so much slower, even though you know the conditions just aren't going to allow for fast running. Runs get shorter because they take longer and it gets darker quicker so miles just don't pile up as quickly. 

Dan and I met up Friday afternoon for a decent run. We opted for the relatively dry trails at Bear Creek. It wasn't the most exciting run, but it was great for both of us to get some much needed leg turn over. Not to mention we didn't have to wear screws for the first time in what felt like forever. It was pretty windy though so we had to cut out the dam which cut the run a bit short, but overall it was a great run. And Saturday was Parent's Day out at daycare which meant we got another run together. After easy trails on Friday we headed to Staunton for more slow trudging miles through the snow. No matter how tough those trails are and how rough the conditions I just love that park. It was great to get out there with Dan for a bit. 

It's been a stressful time deciding what is the best option for James for preschool and getting him ready for preschool. I got another call from Child Find this week reminding me to look at the school with the special ed classroom. I just don't feel like a special ed classroom is where James will succeed. I know they're great for certain kids and maybe one will be great for James later on, I just really think that for preschool he will excel in an integrated classroom where he can learn from his peers. Child Find is worried that the teachers won't be able to accommodate his use of sign language. But seriously if you've met James for more than 10 minutes you have learned he will let you know what he wants. He does get frustrated if you don't understand his signs, but he finds a way to tell you anyways. I'm also hopeful that he'll have a few more verbal words by the time school starts. Needless to say the decision has been consuming most of my time and while I know it will all work out and he'll end up where he needs to be it doesn't make it any less stressful. Not to mention throwing in a full time job to the mix! Well the decision will have to be made by January 20th so at least after that it will just be getting us all ready for the big change.

Week December 15 - 21

Miles Running: 36
Hours Hiking and Running: 7.5

Friday, December 19, 2014


December is such a tough month for me training-wise. I think I say the same thing every year, but every year I swear it will be different. I always seem to think work will be slow...it hasn't been slow since my first couple years when I didn't have any responsibilities, but somehow I keep thinking I'll be more on top of things and not scrambling at the end of the year. I guess I'll try again next year. Thankfully this year we did get the normal December freeze out of the way in November, but the weather has still been all over the place, days are shorter, motivation waning and the pile of household chores that stacked up over the summer has grown exponentially.

Overall I'd say this week was fairly productive. My field crew in Alaska managed to stay safe and relatively warm, I got in a few good runs, Christmas gifts are wrapped, I have my Christmas cards (definitely not sent or even stamped), and Dan and I on a whim managed to create a new playroom for James.

Monday I met Allisa for a good run at Apex. Apparently her December Mondays are not easy conversational runs, but it was a good reminder I need to start thinking about pushing it a bit more and not slacking on every run. Dan and I were able to get in a few runs together which was really nice and a bit unusual for the winter. Its always good for us to get out together during the week for a date run or two.

Heading into the weekend I was all prepared to log some good miles, until we had the brilliant idea of making James a playroom! He has been acquiring some rather large toys, yes we gave him an indoor slide, rock wall, tunnel thing for Christmas...or rather he got that one early because Dan couldn't wait. So our only option for housing all these new toys was obviously a new room. Saturday I got in a quick run before picking up the paint and starting in on this new endeavor. We managed to get the whole room painted, cleaned and organized on Sunday, but at the expense of runs. Oh well, at least now on snow days we have somewhere for James to release some energy! I think that was well worth the day off! I know I will be thanking myself later.

I definitely need to do something to get myself motivated. The Leadville lottery isn't until mid-January and I need something before then. I know come January it will seem like it's not as dark anymore and in general my motivation will pick up. Maybe it's time to write a new training plan. I just need something to kick myself into gear.

I was also pretty bummed this week when I learned that James' private speech therapist was going back to work in the schools. She's hoping to start seeing a few kiddos down the road so it could be awhile. Meanwhile after fighting the insurance company to get weekly speech I now need to find a new therapist quickly so we can get back to weekly therapy in January. It could be a few months before we have a new therapist at Children's and I'm hoping to find someone a bit closer anyways.

Week December 8 - 14

Miles Running: 35.3
Hours Hiking and Running: 5.5

Friday, December 12, 2014

Arctic Blast

Along with November came the brutal slap of Mother Nature. In my 13+ years in Colorado I don't ever remember a week as cold as we had in November. One morning I woke up to -28F! That is just inappropriate! Of course the cold kicked in just as worked picked up and the reality was it was time to wind down training. I guess things tend to work out like that. 

Dan and I thought we could beat the cold and had planned to meet at lunch for a run. That is a run that will go down in history. Both in shorts and thin long sleeves, no gloves, no hat, nothing that resembled warm clothing at all. It was brisk to say the least when we started but before our watches clicked off the first mile we hit the front. Our pace picked up considerably as we attempted to stay warm. But after being blasted by another gust of wind we not-so-reluctantly decided to turn around and call the run short. Since then it has warmed up, although we quickly faced the reality that tights and beanies were now the norm. 

I've managed to keep my mileage relatively on track, but have definitely eased off for a month. It's just too much mentally and physically to train for 12 months a year, year in and year out. The forced slow down has definitely been good. Now as lottery season is upon us I feel like I'm ready to train again. Not so ready that I have started doing workouts...but I've started thinking about hill repeats which is a start. Dan and I have gotten in a few long runs, although we've also tuned our snowboards and are getting ready to ride a bit more this year. We just need a bit more snow out here to make it worth it. 

Meanwhile James has been doing great! He has gotten so verbal it's amazing! He's trying to say so many words and once in awhile something comes out. It's not consistent so we don't hear those words again, but it's a start. One night he even said goodnight back to Dan. We also got him back in Sure Steps. I'm not totally sold on them so we've been making sure some days he goes without and I also like to give him a lot of barefoot time at home. I know I'm not a PT and a lot of PTs would disagree with me, but from my experience running I think it's just so important that he gain strength in his feet naturally. He is definitely more stable in them, but I notice it translates to days that he doesn't wear them as well. So PTs go ahead and yell, but I'm sticking with my gut on this one. 

Week November 10-16

Miles Running: 29.5
Hours Hiking and Running: 5.5

Week November 17-23

Miles Running: 35.8
Hours Hiking and Running: 6.5

Week November 24-30

Miles Running: 36.0
Hours Hiking and Running: 6.5

Week December 1-7

Miles Running: 42.5
Hours Hiking and Running: 7.5