Friday, June 29, 2012

Hope Pass

Well I'm finally getting back to training and logging the miles. At week 33 my baby was diagnosed with IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction) and I was put on bedrest, so no running. Due to the complications I was induced at 37 weeks, and after an ultramarathon 41 hour labor my sweet baby James was born.We knew he was going to be small and would likely need to be in the NICU for a bit. What we didn't expect was the news the pediatrician brought us about 30 minutes after delivery. Our beautiful baby boy was diagnosed with Down syndrome. It was like training your hardest for the Boston marathon, but instead of toeing the line in Boston you find yourself in the middle of the Leadville 100. You've trained just not quite for the right race, but in the end the beauty of the course and the rewards are so much greater than what Boston would have brought you. Sure there are more hills, more ups and downs, and your legs might burn, but the most beautiful views are after that massive climb up Hope Pass.

I returned to running about a week after giving birth to James, a month after my last run. It was definitely slow going at first, but the past few weeks I have worked my way up to over 30 mile weeks. Dan and I have even gotten a few runs together when family has come to town. This week should be over 40 with hopefully an even bigger week next week. Today I got in an 18 mile run marking part of the North Fork 50 course. It was a huge confidence booster! Despite stopping to hang flags I finished in 3:40 and felt great! I'm going to have to up my miles significantly these next few weeks, but I'm fairly certain I can do it and still avoid injury. Dan races the Leadville marathon tomorrow so with his training over I'll have more time to focus on my own training.
James getting ready to crew for Dan
In the 8 weeks I have had to get to know James he has taught me patience, acceptance, selflessness and hope. Hitting the trails after he was born allowed me to work through and accept his DS diagnosis and to deal with the medical issues that come with DS. I know there are many more hard days to come, but there are also many more miles of trail to be run.  On August 18th when I stand on top of Hope Pass I will pause for a moment to take in everything around me, the beauty of the mountains, the awesomeness of the feat I am undertaking and I will think of James and remember to appreciate it all.

June 25 - July 1
Miles Running: 39
Hours Hiking and Running:11