Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Run Through Time Half Marathon Race Report

Dan and I heading up Lil Rattler trail

What an amazing run in an amazing little town! I wasn't too sure what to expect from Salida, but instantly fell in love with the mountain town. Race day brought about gorgeous weather, a typical Colorado spring day. Temperatures were in the 50s with the sun shining brightly upon us as we took off along the course. The first 2 miles were mostly on gravel road, not the most impressive 2 miles for a trail race, but it was a good chance to warm up the legs a bit. I cramped up pretty bad around 1.5 miles, a seemingly common problem I've been having over the past couple months if I don't focus on my breathing. After being reduced to a slow crawl for half a mile to focus on my breathing the cramp was gone and Dan and I were heading up.

After the road portion the course was primarily single track with a section of jeep trail, all of which was gorgeous! It was wonderful to feel the sun on your face and be surrounded by big moutains. It was also great to get to race in my 101s again and feel the dirt beneath my feet. There was only one small section where it got pretty muddy with a few small snow patches. I'm definitely feeling the effects of an extra 15 lbs on my body now though, I just don't have the speed I used to have. After watching as many people as I did take pretty hard tumbles I was much more cautious than usual on the downhills. Only a couple more months until I'll be able to fly downhill like I know I'm capable of. Of course that will also mean less runs Dan and I will have together, but we'll take what we can get if it means running on days like this! I would have liked to have finished with a better time, and I know we're capable of better, but at 7 1/2 months I guess I'm just happy to have been out on a trail race course, so no complaining from me!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"It's hard to dance with a devil on your back so shake him off" - florence and the machine

The past couple days have been exactly what I've needed after the past few months of breaking trail in deep snow, icy trails and bitter cold wind. We finally had a couple of those spring days worthy of shorts and t-shirts and muddy trails! What an amazing feeling to finally feel dirt beneath your feet!

The past month has not been my best training. I haven't had the most motivation and my energy levels have been quite low. Increasing my iron intake has helped with my energy levels, although I'm now feeling the effects of an extra 16 pounds on my body. While I know my running will improve this summer its still been a hard adjustment.

Dan and I traveled to Seattle a couple weekends ago to visit his family. We managed to get in a good run at Cougar Mountain, a favorite place of his from growing up and quickly becoming a favorite place for us to run. That was my first run on a dirt trail since mid-December; it was wonderful! We felt like we could run forever! Then a week in Anchorage and Fairbanks, with deep snow, icy conditions and well below freezing temps forced me back to the treadmill. The past three days have been just what my soul needed to rejuvenate and motivate me! I absolutely love the feeling of mud splashing up your legs with the sun on your face as you climb up some hill! Even with another snow storm rolling in today, the promise of more mud and snow is as exciting as yesterday.

This weekend brings the Run Through Time half marathon, most likely the last run the three of us will do together for a few years. I'm looking forward to racing again, the perfect motivation to get me through the next couple months until we meet lil grommie and to keep me focused on getting to 6th and Harrison!