Wednesday, July 15, 2015

And Then There Were Four...

My excuses for not posting much lately include that I've been busy managing this...

and taking care of this...

I will be better about posting...well I'll try...

Robert Patrick joined our family a couple weeks ago and well it has been a whirlwind. Unlike James Robert sprinted into this world in a short 2 hour labor.Thankfully Auntie Kelle raced in just as fast so she could be there to deliver Robert. 

We've been adjusting quiet well to our new new life. James is completely in love with Robert and with being the big brother...maybe too much. There have been a lot of hugs and sloppy kisses being given, boops to eyes and noses, fist bumps...occassionally to the chin, maybe a gracious finger to be sucked on...not sure I even want to know where that finger was prior to its re-purposing as a pacifier. 

So Robert will be a tough kid with an even tougher immune system. It could be worse...James could be the jealous type. But so far he wants to cuddle when I'm feeding Robert, help carry him to the car, cover him in blankets and give him cups of "water" to drink. All in all its been a smooth transition to a family of four and one that has overfilled my heart. I'm so proud of how James has handled the transition and am so excited each day to see the interactions between James and Robert and all the love James has for Robert. 

My doctor told me to listen to my body in terms of getting back to running. The nurse said no walking for 2 weeks. Well lady first of all you see this toddler who has just pulled all the nitrile gloves out of the boxes and onto the floor, is playing peek-a-boo in the curtains, pushing all the buttons on the bed and is pulling the trash cans out of the cupboard? no walking? you must mean because there is no walking in my house...just running and chasing. Well okay I won't walk...I'll just run! So after 4 days off my body was screaming to get out for a run. That's just what I did. A nice easy 4 miler. 

I took it easy the first week and have been building back my mileage by adding 10 miles a week. I'm basically bound to the treadmill and hiking Robert up and down the hill in our neighborhood. I've been feeling good...a nine month taper will do that for your legs though. My endurance is definitely lacking and my climbing has a long ways to go before Run Rabbit, but overall I think I'm in way better shape than I was after James was born. 

Week June 15 - 21

Miles: 13.5
Hours: 3

Week June 22 - 28

Miles: 7.5
Hours: 2

Week June 29 - July 5

Miles: 20.0
Hours: 4

Week July 6 - 12

Miles: 30.5
Hours: 6

Friday, June 19, 2015

Dan's Quad Rock 50 Race Report

Cheering for Dad
I love Quad Rock, so as we were planning our race schedules this year this was a tough one to let go. But I knew it would probably be a struggle for me to get through even the 25 in May, much less at the re-scheduled June date. And as much as I hate running in the heat it was still a bit sad to watch everyone else run these beloved trails. So needless to say this year was Dan's turn to run Quad Rock...and what a year for that.

We knew it would be hot, everyone knew it would be hot, its Fort Collins in June...that just means hot. But I'm not sure how many people were really prepared for the heat. It has been a crazy spring and went from snow to 90 seemingly overnight. But we knew what to expect. We got up to Fort Collins Saturday afternoon, took James on a short hike around Horsetooth and packed Dan's gear. The early 3:00 am wake up call came Sunday morning and Dan was ready to go. Sandra picked him up, I waved goodbye and hoped I could catch a few more minutes of sleep. Being left to watch James all day by yourself is no easy task, pretty much a toss up between running Quad Rock and being on toddler duty...Quad Rock easily winning the quiet, peaceful side of that argument. 
3:45 am gearing up

James must have known what the day was bringing because he was up and at 'em early and ready to go. We headed to the Horsetooth AS at mile 10 to go meet Sandra and Dan. Sandra arrived about 1-2 min ahead of Dan and both were looking good. Granted it was only mile 10 and 60F...everyone was still pretty much looking good. James was in heaven cheering for every runner that came through. And by the time Dan left and we were packing up he was in full blown toddler tantrum mode that we were not staying. After Horsetooth we headed to Arthurs at mile 17.5. James was ready with his cowbell making sure no runner was missed as he ran up and down the trail cheering. Dan came through still on a great pace; we loaded him up and promised to see him at the turnaround. By now James was getting the hang of it so no tantrum leaving.

As we waited at the start/finish, mile 25, James shoveled sand into the fire pit, through a fit when he wasn't allowed to play with the charcoal, and the temperatures rose. Dan came through at 5:25, basically right on his target, but with the heat there it was going to be tough to keep up that pace. We covered Dan in ice, down his back, in his pack, his hat, literally wherever you could get ice we tried to put it. We refilled calories and fluids, James gave lots of hugs and kisses and cheers and then Dan was back at it, heading up into the mountains. 
25 mile turn-around

While Sandra and Dan headed out into the heat of the day James and I headed back to the cabin for a nap...well according to my plans we were going to nap...according to James a 20 min nap on the ride was sufficient. This was about the time the day was turning for all of us I guess. After a failed attempt at getting James back to sleep we were back waiting at Horsetooth. By now it was really hot and runners were much fewer and farther in between. In case Dan stayed on pace we got there early, but as expected he had fallen off so we were waiting awhile. 

Of course this ended up being the highlight of my day as we met a young girl, Margo, waiting for her mom. She was immediately taken with James, I mean  how could you not be. But she was in love and James loved playing with her as well. At one point James was on her lap and just looked at her and asked where Dad? I was ecstatic that he had verbally asked, he signed Dad as well, but it was a verbal question. It took her a couple seconds and then she said he's coming, he's coming from up there and pointed up the trail. James smiled and kept looking for him. Margo looked at me and said you know he's kinda hard to understand, but if you just listen you can totally get what he's saying. I knew she had no idea how the impact her innocent words had on me, but it was all I could do not to cry and hug her. If only all kids and really adults for that matter, could take the time to listen and get James and what all he has to say. I was never sure if Margo knew James was delayed at all or how to explain Down syndrome to her so I just let it go for the day. Just let them have fun and be innocent kids without any of the extra labels. 
Arthur's TH the finish line is in sight

When Dan finally made his way down the trail James was ecstatic showering him in hugs and cheers! Margo was amazing as she immediately became the babysitter in charge, making sure James didn't run into the parking lot or throw rocks at any of the dogs while I geared Dan up for the last 10 miles. I can't tell you how much easier she made things by spending a bit of time with James so we could get Dan in and out. Dan was definitely looking a bit more ragged as the heat had taken its toll, but he had 10 miles, there was no way I was letting him quit now. While we waited it had been a steady stream of reports on people who had dropped and what I was hearing was the drop rate was somewhere around 40-50%. The AS was littered with runners dropping or debating dropping so I just wanted to get Dan back on that trail. 
Guess I need to find some toddler
Pear Izumis!

Then it was back to Arthur's, at mile 48, where James pet his first real horse. He was definitely taken aback at how big it was, but not too scared. We listened to more numbers being called out over the radio of drops and the rate was now definitely about 50%. I got a message from Sandra's sister that she had  just finished in 3rd which was totally amazing! She had pushed hard all day and deserved a podium finish for her effort! Dan came through and we pushed him off toward the finish line you could see in the distance. He seemed less than pleased that this wasn't already the finish line, but it was at least in sight. 

The finish line was crazy...there were so few people left. Normally at this point its full of weary runners drinking and the music kicking into gear. But there were so few runners finishing even James wasn't too excited by the finish...there was no one to cheer for. Dan came through a few minutes later, about an hour behind where he had wanted to finish, but that was what seemed par for the day. Nearly everyone that had finished previously was an hour behind their times which tells me Dan was right on where he wanted to be. And regardless finishing a race in those conditions with a drop rate that high is a huge accomplishment. And really the heat wasn't anything a little hamburger, beer and a nice shower couldn't fix. All in all it was another great Quad Rock, easily one of the best run races I've every ran or crewed. I can't wait to be back next year. It also got me really excited to be able to get back to training soon. Some 14 weeks until RRR100...time to step it up and get excited about racing again.

Week June 14 - 20

Miles Running: 28.5
Hours Hiking and Running: 6
25 mile turn-around

Heading back out for the 2nd lap

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Dinosaur Stomp and Magic

This week I felt like I was starting to get back to consistent running. Well consistently slow, low mileage running. I feel like I've been tapering for months and am starting to get antsy. No long run since Cheyenne...will that be enough? Really I think I have this fear no matter where my training is at. Technically my mileage is still slightly over where I was last year, I've had more quality long runs and I've even done hill work. Granted that was months ago, but that is certainly more than I did last year. All I can do now is stay consistent, trust that a long, very long taper will end up being good for my legs and trust that I will be able to get in some really fun treadmill and stroller miles this summer. 14 weeks until Run Rabbit Run...
Light reading before bed

I did also finally get back to Apex and logging some vertical this week. That was only slightly depressing. I mean really my times are only about 4 minutes slower on the uphill to the top of Apex, but man it feels so slow. The best part was I was able to get out in the mornings to avoid the heat. I love getting in those morning runs! It just seems to make everything better!

And in James news our terrible two year old transitioned to a terrible three year old. Man this age is exhausting! Its super fun to see his personality come out....but...well let's just say by the end of the day I really wish I could have a beer or three or five. Last week I got the eye roll and a whatever!!! On one hand I was near tears hearing him say such a big word and having almost a conversation leading up to the whatever, but really when did my 3 year old turn 13? I thought I had a few years before this set in. James has been super vocal lately. He's requesting things...and not just music, but he'll request certain songs, certain foods, toys, sometimes even bed! 
Dinosaur stomp...and yes now anytime James sees
Klennex boxes they get put on his feet...

And in the long drawn out saga of preschool I've finally made the decision not to send James to public preschool next year. In a way it's defeating. After all the horror stories about IEPs I really got what I wanted for James in terms of the classroom and amount of therapy. But the only spot open in the district for him is an afternoon class. The teachers said he'd adjust to no nap...I don't believe it, but not only that I won't adjust to no nap for a 3 year old. That's aside from the fact that the school has two tier 2 classrooms in the afternoon. Granted I only saw this year's classes, but one was as expected 16 kids, 6 on IEPs. The second classroom was 6 kids...all in IEPs. That's not a tier 2 classroom! And of course the only boy with Ds in either room was in the 6 kid room. So yes they're technically following the laws about a tier 2 room, but it's not. It's not the environment I want for James or think is best for him. That's why I didn't want him in tier 3. And of course you don't get a say in which room your kid is magically happens. So magically it just worked out that the 6 kid room has 6 kids in IEPs...sure...magic. After a lot of internal debate and talking to multiple therapists, the pediatrician and the pediatrician and social worker at the Sie Center I decided the best thing for James was to keep him right where he's at. It's more work for me, to get him to private therapy and do more home therapy, but I have no doubt this is what is best for him. It's tough because it feels like for the past 3 years I've been preparing to send him to public school for preschool. That's what you're told you're supposed to do. You fight for an IEP and then off he goes. But then you get there and realize maybe that's not the best option, maybe it's not the only option. There's no easy answer and probably no right answer. So I'm just going to stick with my gut and I can always change things if they aren't working later. But James dressed up like a dinosaur at school and roared and stomped with all the other kids...that's massive progress for him so damn it I'm sticking with it!

Beautiful morning run at Apex

Week June 7 - 13

Miles Running: 37.5
Hours Hiking and Running: 7.5
Rockin' our EKG...and refusing to take off the stickers...they came home with us

Making progress on the long road back to eating

Ironkids training!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Cheyenne Mountain 50k Race Report

I went into the Cheyenne Mountain 50k with a very different mindset than is typical for me. This race wasn't about a PR or a podium, it wasn't about running was about finishing. Not because it was early season, I wasn't injured or burned out...nope this was just a different was all about forward progress and proving I could do it.
Podium finish at Cheyenne Mountain 50k

I stood at the starting line inching further back trying to determine where was a good place to start. I wasn't used to lining up like this. Hugged Sandra, wished the other PI runner, Josh, good luck and then we were off. As we climbed up the road a bit I tried to remind myself to keep my heart rate slow and steady. We filed onto the single track and I managed to find my rhythm. Sandra and Josh both went on ahead and I sat back ready for the steadiest day of running ever...or so that was my goal. I cruised up the first climb pretty well and then headed down a short downhill before the trail started rolling. Another little climb and a good downhill back to the start/finish. Okay so far so good. Not a stellar pace, but I was still feeling good and moving fairly well. 

As I left the aid station and headed out passed the little park I saw a guy standing on the side of the trail looking straight at me. I don't know who that woman is, but someone needs to pull her off the course. I would never let my wife be out here like that! I just smiled and waved as I prepared myself for the next climb. It was starting to get a big hot as we wound through some exposed terrain before the climb really got going. Really this climb isn't much, but compared to the rest of the course this is the big climb. After a couple miles we tucked back into the cool comfort of the trees. Just passed the next aid station I caught up to the woman in front of me. As we looped around back to that aid station we chatted a bit and I knew I was doing well. I could hold a conversation easily so my heart rate and breathing were right where they needed to be. A quick glance at my watch and I realized I was going to hit the mid-point ahead of my 3 hr goal time. But I felt good so I was going with it. Back at the aid station I left the woman behind as I easily cruised back down to the start/finish area. This was a perfect downhill. Soft trails, great grade everything that makes running easy. 

Dan and James were waiting for me at the mid-point. Briefly on the first loop I had begun to question if I was overdoing it and should I just stop at 25k and call it a good run. But I got into the 25k mark at 2:50, ahead of schedule and feeling like I could keep going. So I thought I'll keep going. If things start falling apart I can always stop at another point. Just keep going as long as you feel good and your legs can keep moving forward. 

I caught up to Josh a mile or so back up the trail. He was having stomach issues and I walked with him for a minute, told him puking was just part of it so get it out and keep going forward. No need to drop because of a little puke. By now I was still running okay, but I was definitely feeling it. I walked a few of the uphills and I began to wonder again if I should keep going. I did a once over check, heart rate still low, breathing okay, legs a bit tired and definitely aren't climbing like they used to be able to, but really no reason to stop other than that I was being whiny. And I know there are a lot of people out there who wish they could be in my shoes, who would love to keep moving forward no matter how uncomfortable it is so why am I here complaining? Its a great day, great trails, everyone other than the park guy has been amazingly supportive so just keep moving forward for all those who can't. So that's what I continued to do. 
Coming up the finish line

I was pretty sure I was in 4th with no chance of catching the next woman, but I was fine with that. Fourth was better than I expected and as long as I didn't come in last that was fine with me. So I just kept trucking along. Dan and James were waiting for me at the knuckle before I headed out for the last 8 miles. Nothing like a little James hug to motivate you to run a bit faster. It was nice to run a race where you could take an extra minute for a bear hug because you weren't worried about time. I chugged some coke, refilled my fluids and headed back out for the final climb. I hit the aid station at the top with lots of high fives, rounded the top loop and started the downhill. I normally would love a long downhill to the finish, crave it actually and just bomb down. But in my current state downhills have been reduced to a slow and controlled braking. I hate it. I just want to cruise like normal. But that was not happening so I made my way down the long decent and wound through the scrub brush before I found myself gleefully running across the bridge to the finish. 

I was smiling ear to ear as I crossed that bridge knowing I had proven I could do it. It wasn't fast and it wasn't pretty, but 50k at 30 weeks...check! And then Sandra came over with a hug claiming I was 3rd...what? really? no that's impossible...In any other year this slow pace would have barely put me in the top 10, but I guess you never know who's going to show up or what will happen if you just get out there and run. 

Since the race my motivation has dwindled and I've started my couple month taper. Not to mention the monsoon that has hit Colorado, wiped out trails, bike paths, roads, obliterated every trail runners motivation and left the trail running community in a pit of despair. Needless to say my mileage has been lackluster and I long for the day I can run smooth and easy again.

Week April 20 - 26
Miles Running: 46.0

Week April 27- May 3
Miles Running: 26.0

Week May 4 - 10
Miles Running: 25.5

Week May 11 - 17
Miles Running: 36.0

Week May 18 - 24
Miles Running: 27.8

Week May 25 - 31
Miles Running: 30.0

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

All the Bells and None of the Whistles

A half-smile is still better than a lot of
smiles I've seen
Seriously where did the last 4 weeks go? What happened? I honestly feel like I fell off the face of the planet a bit. Maybe that's not always a bad thing though. Sometimes a bit of a break from everything is good for the soul. That's of course aside from the crazy workload I've had at work, a desperate attempt to get ready for Cheyenne Mountain 50k, a pending IEP, countless feet of snow, and what month would be complete without a frantic trip to the ER when you're supposed to be getting on a flight to help deliver your nephew? 

Just as I finished loading the car, printing boarding passes and double checking we had everything I was carrying James across the house when I noticed his smile...I always notice his smile...except that this time it was only half a smile. The right half of his mouth wasn't moving, his right eye wasn't moving other than an occasional blink...I desperately tried to hold it together, but facial paralysis that could not be a good thing. He was still running. I watched his arms, still moving both arms, okay it can't be that bad...right? I called the pediatrician panicked as James fell head first into a chair, which may not seem that unusual but it was more clumsy than a typical James fall. Add massive egg to left eye to the growing list of ailments. Needless to say rather than getting on that plane we were sitting in the ER at Children's fingers crossed. James got to experience his first head CT, hopefully an experience we don't need to repeat. Keep in mind for a head CT you need to lie perfectly still...James doesn't lie perfectly still when he sleeps. And low muscle tone be damned...that kid pulled out of the restraints, ripped off the chin strap and wriggled out of the head strap in about 30 seconds. Gotta love Children's though and the doctors who understand 2 year olds have no concept of laying still. Head CT cleared, cleared by nuero, cleared by infectious disease and sent home with a Bells Palsy diagnosis as a result from a recent ear infection. It was definitely better than other options, but now to deal with a kid who could only use half his face. 
Post ER hike

After a week we finally noticed some progress with the paralysis diminishing. It was a long hard week. I felt like every time we went out in public we got stares, the pity looks, because now it was screamingly obvious there was something going on. Food and drinks spilled out of his mouth and James reverted back to primarily signing and barely speaking. It was frustrating. And we had no idea how long it would last. But James is a champion, so he figured out how to position is water bottle to keep milk from dribbling out, he figured out how to make new sounds that don't require him to use his lips and he did it all without complaining...or at least not too much. 

Aside from the Bells my April training has been going fairly well. I ramped up well for Cheyenne, then did my typical jump-off-a-cliff style taper and just try to hang in there. I was super crazy busy with work and my long runs definitely suffered as a result, but I was pretty happy to have kept my mileage up as much as I was able to. April also brought with it the snow we missed all winter. So it felt like this constant dodging of snow storms. We barely got out for any stroller runs either. I'm really ready for the snow to be done so I can just run on some nice dry trails. 

Week March 30 - April 5

Miles Running: 47
Hours Hiking and Running: 8.0

Week April 6 - 12

Miles Running: 61
Hours Hiking and Running: 11.5

Week April 13 - 19

Miles Running: 41
Hours Hiking and Running: 7

Snow day sensory fun with flour

Snow day baking
"enjoying" the snow...

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Never Quit...Ever

You train for not weakening in the big moments by not weakening in the little ones. You’ll forget how to quit if you don’t, and you’ll never know how to push through big uncomfortable moments if you don’t do it every single day. I fail lots and get beaten lots, but not because I give up. -Will Gadd
Park time!

I've been frustrated with my training lately. I guess this is nothing really new for me for this time of year, but still it's frustrating. My times aren't where they were at in the fall, my body doesn't feel as strong and my mind doesn't feel as strong. I constantly wonder if I'll be anywhere near ready for my next race. Even when I realize that I've logged 115 miles more than this time last year, that I've doubled the number of long runs I've done and I've even added speed work. I know I'm ready for my next race, but I have to convince myself. 

When I got done with my run today Dan had left an article up on my computer...Will Glad's Ten Training Thoughts. And I realized that every spring is like this, but I don't give up. I keep moving and training and pushing myself...and every fall I'm running better than I was the year before. So I'm heading into April with a focus on moving away from speed work and towards endurance, building up the miles, and really, really hoping this warm spring weather is here to stay. 

PVR long run
Aside from turning into a mental case when the temperatures dropped and the snow fell on Wednesday I had a great training week. Dan and I got in lots of runs together, including a good 20+ at Pine Valley. The trails were in great shape and I was stoked to be back out there. I'm slowly finding a good balance between running and working. The step up in demands that I've been working with the past few months at work have kind of left me spinning and trying to figure out how to balance it again. It seems like just when you get your routine down things change. I'm slowly getting there though and my weekday runs seem to be creeping back from 5 miles to 7s. So we're getting there. 

It was a busy week for James as well, which always makes things a bit more difficult. Therapies three different mornings may not sound like that much but it really cuts into your day. But its worth it and he's the priority so no use complaining. His speech therapist is floored at his progress lately. My favorite of the week was he started singing the ABCs and by singing I mean mostly humming and saying "q" and "r". Overall a good week and a good reminder that even during these slow training months not to ever quit or get down. Just keep moving...
2 minutes of getting gas during a freak snow storm

Week March 23 - 29

Miles Running: 52.2
Hours Hiking and Running: 10.5

Monday: 6.5 miles: easy run at Apex

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 7.7 miles: moderate run at Apex with Dan

Friday: 20.5 miles: Pine Valley Ranch long run with Dan, got really hot, but good to be back in the old stomping grounds

Saturday: 7.5 miles: Bear Creek with the boys

Sunday: 10.0 miles: Bear Creek with the boys and neighborhood laps during naptime

Baby deer at Apex

PVR long run

Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Day In The Life of Down Syndrome

James halfway through his 0.321 mile run
I realized true strength comes when you persevere and appreciate life instead of complaining about all the things that didn't go your way. Letting go of trying to control the outcome and just living in the moment didn't bring me to where I had initially dreamed of going, but rather a place that will make me a stronger and better person. -Aliza Lapierre

In honor of World Down Syndrome Day I thought I would give a little peak into a day in the life with Ds. Keep in mind James is a nearly 3 year old, so this is not just a day in the life of a child with Ds, but a day in the life of a toddler. While James goes through more on a daily basis than a lot of kids do I think a typical day for James is a lot more like a typical day for any other toddler. 

Each morning I quietly raise the blinds on his window as he sits up quietly in his bed. I savor these first few moments every morning. Its quiet...James is quiet...he's peaceful...sometimes this lasts for a full 5 minutes...

Good morrrrnnnning Rocky Mountains! I cheer out and a smile explodes across his face as he lifts his arms up, eyes twinkling in the little bit of light streaming through the window. Are you ready for a woooonderful day? I question as I turn off his oxygen tank and remove his cannula. Then as soon as I reach out my arms he's engulfed me in a neck hug that I will never be able to get enough of. I hope that our little morning ritual will last forever. 

And then the peace is over. No, no, no James calls out as I try to give him his meds. How about yes? I question back, he smiles and signs yes reluctantly taking his meds. On the weekends we sometimes cuddle on the couch for another 10 minutes while he drinks his morning milk...okay this happens maybe once or twice a month, but in my head I like to pretend this is how every morning goes. More often James runs around yelling no and throwing toys as I try to chase him down. 

Several mornings each week are punctuated with various therapy appointments and James well, sometimes he cooperates but more often he doesn't anymore. After over 2 years he has finally taken to his EI speech therapist and he'll have fun with her. He has a new private speech therapist that we're still working to get to know so that doesn't always go well. And some days we do therapy at daycare, which is again hit or miss. I try to schedule all his therapy in the morning since those are when he's the most cooperative. Unfortunately I don't have as much say over doctors appointments, but those are getting less frequent, usually 2-4 trips to Children's a month, not counting therapy. 

On just daycare days we drive down the hill rocking out to Let It Go, no not Elsa, but rather Michael Franti...James actually is maybe the only kid who could care less about Frozen. But put on some Franti and this kid will dance like a mad man and he's even starting to sign-a-long. I have no idea what anyone passing us might think of the sight as I sign-a-long and James dances...every morning non-stop for the 20 minute drive. James has always handled drop off fairly well and usually charges straight to one of his two favorite teachers wrapping them in the same neck hug he gave me when I woke him up. 

Because I have now forgotten to bring his lunch on enough occasions (thank you Whole Foods for your boundless supply of gluten free products) I now keep sunbutter and jelly and a loaf of gf bread in my freezer at work so I can make a quick sandwich and run it back to daycare on the days I forget. This seems to happen a couple times a month, but at least daycare is close. 

And then you begin to understand why I run after work so much. James will be ready to go at 4:30 whether I'm there or not. I think he's getting more used to my spring/summer schedule where pickup inches closer to 5:30 every day. As soon as he hears me he charges straight for me wrapping me in another neck hug. I usually have to carry him out of daycare because he's embedded himself in my collarbone. As soon as we get into the car any glimpses of that sweet little boy evaporate. He immediately signs juice followed by incessant whining, no matter what you do you can't do it fast enough. I have a water bottle of juice (because he refuses to drink juice from anything else) ready and waiting. I have also taken to keeping crackers in the car for him on the chance that he is extra hungry and we can't make it home without a snack. Approximately 6.3 meltdowns and 25 minutes later we arrive home where ready or not James is racing to the table and climbing into his chair. James is usually in tantrum mode at this point. An hour later, yes that's how long it takes to stop throwing tantrums and then slowing, very slowly eat dinner, we clean avocado, sour cream, pasta sauce of whatever other goodness we had for dinner out of hair, curtains, booster seats, rugs, walls...basically anything within a mile radius of the kitchen table. Exhausted and deflated I pray we can pass the next 30 minutes or so quickly. 

James only gets a bath every other night because his skin is too sensitive to handle nightly baths, but thankfully he doesn't need a bath for his night time ritual. Oh no as soon as we have gotten on pjs, brushed our teeth and taken our meds James runs straight for the couch signing run, picks up the remote control and desperately tries to start his Leadville video. Oh how we have created a monster. I swear he can hear that first chord from miles away and immediately knows what time it is. After a cup of milk and some good running its finally bedtime. And then time to repeat it all over again. James struggles when his routine is broken so even on the weekends we stick to the daycare schedule for meals, naps etc. and we rarely break routine. Also why there isn't a whole lot of variety to our days. This is our day...every day...but its certainly not a bad way to spend your days.

There are a lot of things that nearly 3 years old do that James doesn't quite do, he doesn't jump or walk up stairs, he doesn't talk or feed himself with a fork. But he can throw a tantrum with the best of them, he carries his dishes to the kitchen after every meal, he puts himself to bed, he tells a great story, he loves to give hugs and kisses, and he understands more than he lets on. This little kid who has created so much chaos and catastrophe around our house has taught me more about strength and love then I ever thought there was to know. He works his butt off to learn things and accomplish new tasks, he is so proud of himself when he does something new and he loves like its the only thing there is. Maybe he's actually the one that is smarter than everyone else. Without courage, strength and love what do you really have. At 2 James might just have it all figured out. 

Full disclosure, as soon as I finished writing this James woke up from his nap and within 10 minutes had pooped in my lap...potty training fail. A few minutes later I hear whining from the sliding glass door as James tries to play with the dog through the door desperately trying to get outside, while I hear James just bit my lip from Dan. Ah life with a toddler...

Additional phrases conversations often heard in our household...

"no" "no what?" "no"

"stop pulling the dogs ear, no, no hitting the dog, no not his eye either, no gouging the dogs eyes out"

"no the potty is in here..."

"3, 2, 1...boom...go..."

"help with what? you don't know, well I can't help you if you don't know what you want"

"cheese? you want to eat cheese" "no" "what do you want with cheese?" "no"

"hot" "yes mom's coffee is hot" goes the cup of milk "yes hot coffee on mom's lap"

"oh thank you for the hug, oh yes great hug...can we eat now though?"

"sit please...sit...turn around and sit..."

Week March 16 - 22

Miles Running: 56.5
Hours Hiking and Running: 10.5
Vertical: 8,475

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 10.1 miles: after running the car to the dealership and back (literally) met Sandra at Apex for a good run

Wednesday: 6.9 miles: 7x1.5 min hill sprints at the top of Apex, felt good on sprints, last one the fastest

Thursday: 9.0 miles: met Sandra for another good run at Green, so nice to run on nearly dry trails

Friday: 15.0 miles: sluggish run in 3:21 at Falcon, haven't climbed that much in awhile 

Saturday: 7.5 miles: Bear Creek WDSD run with the boys

Sunday: 8.0 miles: Bear Creek with the boys